By Sabir Musa

A research carried by Arua City Health Department has revealed that the Standard Operating Procedures put in place to control further spread of deadly Coronavirus has help in preventing some Respiratory Tract Infections.

This was revealed by the Assistant Health Inspector in Arua City Health Department, Joyce Andrua during an event to handover hand washing facilities to institutions and saving groups in Arua Central Division.

Joyce says, this has reduced workload at Oli Health Centre IV and burden in the communities as she encourages public to observe the SOPs.

“We found that COVID-19 SOPs have also impact positively in preventing Respiratory Tract Infections (RTI) diseases like Cough, Flu and also those poor sanitation and personal hygiene related diseases like Diarrhea, Typhoid, Hepatitis A & E and Cholesterol which has reduced workload at Oli Health Centre IV in Arua Central Division and burden in the communities” Joyce explains.

The Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda, Arua region handed over hand washing cans, liquid soaps and hand sanitizers to 16 institutions and 12 saving groups in the central division of Arua City to prevent spread of Covid-19.

The Federation’s Regional Coordinator, Yassin Hassan says, most people have relaxed the Standard Operating Procedure yet COVID-19 is still in existence.

This according to him is the reason they procure these items to ensure SOPs are followed by the public.

Before the items were procured, the group trained Facilitators who carried a research in different communities to identify challenges in following the SOPs.

Christ the King Church that received over 700 people for services on Sunday is one of the institutions that benefited from the donation.

Pius Yobuta, the Parish Priest of Christ the King challenge public to continue follow the SOP to prevent spread of the virus.

“We should not take it easy; let us follow the SOPs to care for ourselves and one another. The way we have met here with Slum Dwellers sends a message that we are all involved trying to overcome this (COVID-19)” the Pried adviced.

However, Arua City Mayor, Hajji Isa Kato commends the donors for taking a lead in fighting against the virus.

Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda, Arua region with about 38 thousand members raised over 1 million to acquire the items donated with support from partner.

According to the research by Arua City Health Department, the hand washing coverage stands at 50% in the central division.