Congolese and Ugandan Officials from west Nile have met to discuss cross border security Concerns.

The Congolese claim, some rebels fighting their Government are hiding in the region.

But the Resident District Commissioner of Arua Peter Dibele has dismissed the claims.

Arua RDC Peter Dibele on Monday led a delegation of ten people mostly security officers to Aruu in Dr Congo to meet with the Governor of Ituri Province Abdulai Penne Mbaka who paid a visit to Aruu province.

The team discussed a bi-lateral issue among which was the issue of boarder relations.

The team from Aruu reportedly raised eye brows on the issue of M18 rebel group and a certain group called ALPC that they claimed were hiding in this region.

But the RDC said he stood his ground by telling them that they cannot allow a group opposed to the Congolese government to have a base in this region and that if they have any information regarding this group they are free to come and show for them the areas where the fellows are operating.

He said generally the meeting was a successful one. END.