Maurice Eriku

Some beneficiaries of the recent presidential pledge in Arua district have expressed disappointment as some of the pledges did not meet their expectations.

Hamza Manzu, the leader of opposition in Arua district local council & secretary technical & works committee says the pledges were unexpected because they were not made in any function held in Arua district. He thinks the ruling NRM government is pretending to be fulfilling the party’s manifesto which he says is not true because the government is providing what was not asked.

The Member of Parliament for Ayivu County, Atiku Bernard blamed the people of West Nile for asking petty things from the state coffers as compared to what the government has delivered to other parts of the country; particularly Western Uganda.

The minister of state for Northern Uganda Grace Freedom Kwiocwiny however says she has only delivered the president’s commitment to his citizens, but more like tractors are yet to come from the government. She says there are 56 tractors coming to Northern Uganda.

The pledges are not yet fully dispersed as some beneficiaries were not present at the distribution function. End