The Security in Adjumani on July 13, 2017 blocked the retired Church of Uganda (COU) Arch Bishop Henry Luke Orombi and Justice Ogola James from visiting the victims of June,2017 Appa land clashes who have now camped at Itirikwa and Zoka primary schools in Itirikwa Sub County.

Arch Bishop Orombi who led a team from the Inter-Religious Council Uganda, Elders Forum Uganda and the religious leaders from Acholi for a peace mission to Adjumani district were summoned to the office of the RDC for a briefing and were later advised not to travel to the two IDP camps because their trip was not properly coordinated.

The RDC Oya Nahori who gave a warm reception to the delegation said the coming of the high profile delegation was a blessing to the people of Adjumani but the unfortunate part is the leadership of the district was in dilemma and not prepared to provide security.

He told the team that they should have come with a letter of clearance from Kampala so that his office will be able to guide them accurately because the abrupt mission will make his work difficult” How I wish it was properly coordinated”.

The conflict  in Appa according to Oya Nahori is premised on politics, illegal lumbering in Zoka Forest and the scramble for the vast virgin  land that some selfish individuals wants to acquire through illegalities that is why they have been mobilization unsuspecting people for violence.

Arch Bishop Orombi informed the RDC that the service of the religious to Ugandans does not have a time table and all they want is to see the people who are suffering in the IDPs to return home and live in harmony and embracing peace.

He told the RDC not to get discouraged by the short notice visit of the team because it is by God’s design that the people of Acholi and Madi have been gazette together and that they were on peace mission.

Sensing the futility of the of the situation Arch Bishop Orombi almost lost his temper telling the RDC usually it is the responsibility of the religious to talk to the flock. “If you think we cannot stay in Adjumani, you tell us so that we with draw and prepare for tomorrow’s assignments”.

The Khadi Acholi Moslem district Sheikh Musa interjected saying that the high profile delegation needed to reach the victims of Appa clashes so that they could be counselled and comforted even in the difficult situations.

The soft spoken RDC Oya Nahori however minced no words, asserting that peace needs conquering souls which needs time and declared the field trip could not take place.

At this point Arch Bishop Orombi reluctantly yielded to the authority of the RDC and said.” We cannot force you to do what you do not want to do, we understand you need logistics and human resource”.

Eight people were confirmed dead, scores injured and thousands displaced after a deadly clash between the residents of Amuru and Adjumani district, with the authorities in Amuru blaming the arrow shooting Adjumani residents for escalating the violence.

While leaders in Adjumani claim the people acted in self-defense after Amuru residents invaded them up 25Kilometers deep inside Adjumani territory. End