By Darius Omiachan

About 20 women groups in Arua district are about to access the first phase of the women’s’ entrepreneurship fund. The program initiated in 2015 has seen overwhelming response among the women.

Chairman Pajulu sub county Avutia Marlon is disappointed that very few groups have been considered for the first phase of this program, he says the number of women who want this money is overwhelming and the money is not enough. Avutia adds that when the program came, everybody believed that money had come for every woman and in Pajulu sub county alone seven files were generated and was submitted to the district for consideration.

He says of the eighty four files submitted by different women groups for consideration to this fund the district only approved seventy two files but money was availed for just twenty groups. He wondered how the leaders would explain the situation cited to the people they represent.

Meanwhile, The woman member of parliament, Hon Osoru Mourine cited the problem of delays in advancing the money to all women groups, explaining that, why other groups were not considered would have been late submission of their files to the district. She assured the women groups that the ministry in charge was still awaiting all the files of the district to be submitted before they could release money into the district account.

The focal point person for Arua district in charge of the women entrepreneurship fund Sitaraya Jinnah admitted that the district greatly contributed to the delayed release of funds to the district account.

She says no group had received any funds for the women entrepreneurship fund from the ministry.

She explained that, the reasons for the delays came from the district citing the overwhelming number of women sub projects submitted to the district, bureaucracy involved in the process as examples of situations that led to the delays.

Women’s entrepreneurship program is a program of the Ugandan government aimed at giving out revolving loans to organized women groups. END