By Kennedy Inyakuni

The authorities of Moyo town council are worried about the fate of the town council as it continues to grip with several challenges that affects the development of the town.

The town council is faced with the issues of local revenue, human resource personnel’s and above all is the issues of government policies. As per Ovuyo Sunday Gadi, the town planner Moyo town council, the concerns do not only the town council alone though they have been deeply affected as a town council.

Last financial year the revenue performance of Moyo town council was at 85%. Francis Lagu Unzimai the head of finance Moyo town council attributes the poor performance of local revenue to negative attitude of the people towards paying taxes and frequent change of policies by the government in regards to revenue collection and management that has seen them short by over 30 million shillings under the current financial year.

Eriku George Mbaya the district planner Moyo has appealed to the leaders at the lower local governments to use other fora at their levels to advocate for reforms in the government policies that affects the implementation of other government programs.

The local council three chairperson Moyo town council Max Madra Pier urged both the technocrats and the politicians working in the town council to cooperate and unite so as to achieve the objectives of the town council.

In the financial year 2016/17 Moyo town council budgeted for 712,784,710 both from the central government grants and the local revenue but only managed to collect to 519,819,650. End