todayNovember 1, 2023

By Ojok Robert Mone


The Archdiocese of Gulu and Kotido catholic diocese have initiated an annual peace prayer event as one of the efforts geared towards ending cattle rustling, looting and killings purportedly being carried out by armed Karamojong warriors in the districts of Kitgum, Pader and Agago.

During the launch of the inaugural annual peace prayer from Kamrono village in Adilang sub county Agago district, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Gulu John Baptist Odama said peace is a precious and priceless gift for humanity. “By creation, we need peace for individuals, neighbors, environment and God” Archbishop Dr. John Baptist Odama said.

The archbishop expressed sympathy where some people have made money to be their master affecting attainment of perfect peace in the universe.
He calls on the dioceses of Lira, Soroti, Kotido and Archdiocese of Gulu to resolve to stay and Live in Peace with their Neighbors.

During the peace prayer, Jie community who have abandoned raids committed to mobilize their brothers who are still engaging in cattle rustling to end the practice.

Francis Rodukwe a reformed Warrior (Karacuna) expressed his commitment to championing the effort in mobilizing more than one hundred warriors who are still in jungles to abandoned raids and embrace peace.

Jane Lugel appeals to government to extend livelihood support to the Jie in order to make them stop raids looking at the rain pattern of Karamoja which normally keeps the sub region in famine and poverty.

The Resident District Commissioner of Agago, Nabinson James Kidega said ending the rustling was challenging as the Acholi and Karamojong communities are related by marriage. Kidega added that now eighteen collaborators have so far been arrested in Agago district for the last 6-months.

The Bishop of Kotido Dominic Eibu apologized to the people affected by warriors and he is hopeful that this new effort will help to end cattle raids in the two communities.

The state minister for economic monitoring Beatrice Akello Akori appreciated the prayer event initiated by the church being aimed at ending cattle raids. “We need peace, living in harmony, free trade in Agricultural produce and livestock only”, Minister Akori noted.

It’s estimated that 16,320 cattle have so far been lost to cattle rustling, 26,850 goats stolen, 116 grass thatched huts burnt, 109 people injured and 100 people killed by suspected Karamojong warriors from district of Agago only.

COVER PHOTO: R-L Archbishop of Gulu Dr. John Baptist Odama and Rt. Rev. Dominic Eibu Bishop of Kotido Diocese. By Ojok Robert Mone

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