todaySeptember 16, 2023

By Godwin Abedican


Arua city leaders have been warned against corruption and connivance tendencies during the 20 years process of the implementation of the approved Arua city physical development plan (PDP) 2022-2040.

Following the grass root consultation that commenced in March 2021 towards establishing how the city can be planned for future developments and investments, the city officially launched her PDP on Thursday 14th September 2023.

While launching the same at Arua city council hall, Jackie Kemigisha Kiiza, the commissioner ministry of local government local government says any mess in the implementation of this plan by the leaders will have a grave effect on the generations to comeI call that a law. In this country, there is some sayings that nobody is above the law and this is the first green physical development plan we are having. It is in such a way that it addresses all new urban agenda issues such as the issue of livability, it addresses the issues of resilience, it addresses the issues of sustainability and this plan if we implement it very well, our great grand children will find order in this place,” she said.

She added that this marks the beginning of a longer journey as far as this physical development plan is concerned calling for strict following of the same.

Jackie Kemigisha Kiiza, the commissioner ministry of local government speaking during the launch
Amanda Ngabirano, the chairperson national physical planning board who had no kind words for those in high positions warns them against placing their subjects on the disadvantaged side.
“This plan is yours you must own it, defend it and fight for it. To the big fish, please don’t block anything. We know you are important, you are big, you have the money but stop intimidating the enforcement officers, the city clerks the physical planner. In fact, the bigger you are the more you should comply and lead by example.” Ngabirano advised.

This 20 years PDP for implementation subject to review after this period, covers a land area of 401.8 square kilometers and is expected to provide a guide for the establishment of facilities and infrastructure like roads, health centers schools and many others.

Dr. Ronald McGill the project lead for the European Union funded organization and industrialization project calls for exemplary leadership in the implementation of this plan. The comments made are absolutely right leaders must show and lead by leadership and not just gather to themselves but try to spread out the impact of development for the good of all,” he said.

According to Isha Ntumwa Deputy Resident city commissioners Arua central division, the city leaders and general population have a lot to be learnt from what corruption has caused to other cities.There has been a talk in all the places that the best plans are made in Uganda but implementations are some where else. We are good at making plans but very poor at implementing them and I don want this very wonderful plan to suffer the same fate. I want to request the key stakeholders, our technical stakeholders to make sure that our plan does not suffer you know Uganda has a cancer and many people fear to talk about it and the cancer is corruption. Corruption has killed so many wonderful plans,” he stressed.

Isha Ntumwa Deputy Resident city commissioners Arua central division stressing points on corruption
However, Moses Findru the senior physical planner for Arua city admits corruption tendencies that may arise, something he says they shall deal with.Corruption is a perception. When people talk of corruption they only look at the recipient they don’t look at propagators of corruption because I can’t be corrupt within myself there must be something to corrupt me. That perception comes with lack of information to the public when you don’t declare and don’t explain to the public what you are doing; you leave a gap where people begin to think on your behalf.

But, that does not rule out the fact that some technical and political leaders are corrupt in the sense that they will say I will not do this if you don’t do this. We will overcome this by exposing people,” Findru stressed.

Global green growth institute and Mott MacDonald developed this plan under the greening Uganda’s urbanization and industrialization project through funding from the European Union.

COVER PHOTO: Dr. Ronald McGill the project lead during his presentation  By Godwin Abedican

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