todayOctober 11, 2023

By Kaleb Yikii


The Independence Day celebrations in Terego District at Perea Primary School Grounds in Uriama Sub County was marked by Residents along the border of Madi Okollo and Terego Districts calling upon the authorities to permanently put an end to the border conflict between the two districts.

After the creation of Madi Okollo District in 2019 and Terego district in 2020 respectively all curved out of Arua district, a protracted border conflict and perpetuated insecurity, and more so, grossly affected Education Service Delivery at Ariwa, Odoubu and Ocea Primary Schools in Terego District due to Lack of capitation grants.

These three Border Schools of Terego district With Madi Okollo District have not received Government Capitation Grants for at least three consecutive Quarters.

Francis Ojobile, the Vice Local Council III Chairperson Uriama Sub County reveals that the members of the communities are not safe because of the border issues between the two communities of Uriama Sub County in Terego and Rigbo Sub County in Madi Okollo District. “Because of insecurity some People sleep outside their houses.” He reveals.

The Chief Administrative Officer Terego District Humphrey Otim, while addressing the people at the Independence Day Celebration Grounds reveals that, the administration of Terego District has followed up the issue of the Lack of Odoubu, Ariwa and Ocea Primary schools Universal Primary Education (UPE) capitation Grants.

He Advised the District Leaders that, the issue of the three schools should not just be about them getting the Capitation Grants but the solution to these three schools is the demarcation of the boundaries and this must be shorted.

The LCV chairman Terego District Wilfred Saka believes that the Legislative arm of  government should be invoked to help resolve the Border issue since Ministry of local Government is taking too long. 

He reveals to Radio Pacis that, in 2008, reaffirmation was done and the report is very clear, the map is very clear he says that what remained was a matter of implementation and enforcement and that’s where the problem is. “The law is clear on where these schools are located otherwise legal means is the only solution to deal with a neighbour who choose to be funny.” He warns. 

However, Mario Obiga Kania, the Minister of state for Lands Urban Planning and Development, also the Member of Parliament for Terego East Constituency calls on the two communities in Terego and Madi Okollo Districts not to fight over border issues since this is not their mandate.

He acknowledged that it was an administrative error where some people who made an error whether deliberately or fraudulently or by mistake shall be made accountable as this error is been corrected. He says, the best solution is the solution of the border issue, but assured the People of Terego that it will be resolved.

COVER PHOTO: Mario Obiga Kania explaining Boder Issue By Kaleb Yikii

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