todayNovember 2, 2023

By Martin Anguyo


Leaders of Aripea Deanery in Aripea vicariate Arua Diocese have called upon Christians to fully support church activities for better development in various parishes in the Deanery.
In a conference held on 30th October 2023 at Aripea Parish center, the leaders raised concerns that, lack of support given to churches in the Deanery is frustrating their effort in doing God's work.

The acting Parish priest of Addu sub-parish Rev Fr Festus Afedra challenged the Finance Planning and Development (FPD) committee during the meeting to make sure that, every Christian pays what is asked from them. “I am encouraging Finance Planning and Development (FPD) committee to take active part so that, we see, we can move together as a deanery" said the Priest.

The acting Parish priest of Addu sub-parish while chairing the meeting
But the Parish Priest of Katrini Catholic Parish, Rev Fr Tonino Pasolini said, collections whether at the Parish level or Diocesan level should be done timely for proper planning. "Every time we have meetings and I am always saying that, collections are so many amidst other dues like support given to the clergy and all these must be done timely,” said Fr. Tonino.

Rev Fr. Tonino Pasolini emphasizing on collections

Whereas Buga Alex, a Christian in the Deanery stated that, lack of support given to church will not make it grow. "If the Christians do not support the church, the church cannot grow because the Christians are the backbone of the church."

However, Atiku Batista, another Christian attributes the issue to improper planning of resources got from the Christians. "They only think what they get is for themselves and this cannot make the church develop" said Batista.

The scriptures teach that, we shall be unable to move forward with God if we don't give for the reason that, God promotes us when we give whole heartedly what we have.

COVER PHOTO: Priests and other stakeholders attending the meeting By Martin Anguyo

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