todayNovember 8, 2023

By Martin Anguyo


The mounting number of traditional herbalists at Imvepi refugee settlement in Terego district has brought worry among the stakeholders in the district as many refugees and host communities in the settlements rush to traditional healers for medical help leaving government facilities. This was disclosed in a conference held at Terego district headquarters.

Mr. Koriang Martin, the refugee commander at the settlement asked the district leadership of Terego to come up with some by-laws to resolve the matter. "We have some refugees dying there, why can't you go to health centers? You go to someone's room for help and I think the district should impose some laws against people operating illegally," said Martin.

However, the Acting District Health Officer of Terego, Mathew Bakole calls upon both the refugees and the host communities in the settlement to report any body seen practicing the act. "When you see similar scenarios happening in your community, don't sit down, report the issue to the relevant authorities and the law will deal with that person," Mathew noted.

Mathew Bakole, Acting DHO speaking at the conference
Meanwhile, the Resident District Commissioner of Terego, Festus Ayikobua states that, as security, they are going to carry out community sensitization on the matter. "It is better for us to go closer to the community and talk to them to understand how issues in society can be addressed in better way."

Evidence for the effectiveness of herbal medicines is generally very limited and the community is therefore, asked not to go to traditional herbalists.

COVER PHOTO: Stakeholders’ attending the conference at Terego District headquarters By Martin Anguyo

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