todayNovember 9, 2023

By Martin Anguyo


Residents living along Ombatini-Katrini Primary road in Katrini sub county, Terego district have criticized the government over deplorable state of the road. According to these residents, the 8 kilometer road was last worked on two years ago.

Gilbert Abaabo, a boda boda rider in the area states that, due to the impassable state of the road, there is slight increment in transport fare which customers are complaining of hence lowering down their boda boda business. "We have slightly increased our transport charges because, the condition of the road is bad and this has drastically reduced the number of our customers," said Gilbert.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey Acile, who also uses the road says, doing some works on it would reduce the too much transport cost. "The road is completely impassable whereby, vehicles cannot go through. So, the district local government of Terego should maintain the road."

Another section of the same road in Terego district.

Equally, Robert Abaale, another road user appeals to leaders to come to their rescue before people begin losing their lives. "As we are in the same district, I urge them to at least do for us some improvements on the road because it appears as if we are going through valleys," stated Robert.

Terego district chairman Wilfred Saka responding to the residents’ concerns

But the Local council five chairperson of Terego district Hon Wilfred Saka, while responding on the matter explains that, the road is under the central government but he is going to push for its maintenance. "Terego district became operational when the road was already in the hands of Central government but still, I am going to talk with the leaders about it."

Poor road conditions can easily cause accidents if not timely maintained.

COVER PHOTO: A section of the Ombatini Katrini road By Martin Anguyo


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