todayFebruary 8, 2024

By Nancy Aol


Consuming large amounts of firewood by institutions like schools, some bakeries and for home use for cooking could be significantly reduced as three schools in Adjumani district have benefited from a pilot project that lasted one-year.

The one-year project is as a result of a bilateral cooperation between the government of Italy specifically the community of Sardina and Ugandan Government intended to improve water sanitation and conservation of environment in Uganda, Adjumani in particular.

3 Biogas digestors for cooking and over 1000 assorted trees species were planted in the three schools: Oyuwi primary school in Adropi sub county, Ofua secondary school in Ofua sub county and Biyaya secondary school in Adjumani town council.

The head mistress of Oyuwi primary school Guluwa Mombe said, “the cooperation is a blessing to the school, I don’t know how the school got chosen but I am thankful for especially the biogas digester, it has eased our work, it has no smoke and its very fast for cooking, actually, if possible, all the staff wanted this kind of technology installed at their homes”

The head teacher pledged commitment to sustain and manage the project well. Mr. Nile Anyugo Simon, the deputy head teacher Biyaya secondary school affirmed to the Italian delegates who came for a monitoring mission of the various projects noting, ”in fact this is a very good initiative which can save money for the schools and environment as well, so as a school we are going to emulate this kind of technology to produce energy for lighting the school, we shall also build a bigger tank with the help of experts such that we reduce the challenges of buying firewood which is costing us over five hundred thousand shillings per term.

Adjumani Chairman L.C.5 Anyama Ben, and Sardinian delegate award Italian trained water technician with certificates
During the monitoring visiting, Sara Porru one of the delegates noted that these projects are as a good will of the people of Sardinia and they are trying to change the narrative about climate change by saving the Environment and also to improve water quality in Madi sub region, she pointed out that they have renewed the memorandum of understanding to extend this project for another one year which is 2024.

Fabiola Podda another member of the delegate said” we have different climatic challenges back in our country, we are facing problems of wild fires and this is as a result of climate change which we need to collaborate in addressing if we must save the earth”.

She continued to say” we must cooperate to see to it that we embrace these initiatives and if possible, try to replicate them, the three schools should serve as examples for other schools and community to copy from.

Adjumani district benefits from Zoka forest Reserve as a filter for breathable air, however the forest reserve is near depletion by government bigwigs through their illegal logging and putting up business facilities that further endangers the ecosystem.

COVER PHOTO: Mr. Rokani Stephen a teacher at Ofua Seed Secondary school testing the gas cooker connected from the biogas digester By Nancy Aol

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