todayFebruary 23, 2024

By Robert Elema

A section of the teachers in Yumbe district who were transferred this year have rejected to go to their new stations due to some alleged irregularities in the transfers.
Yumbe district education department transferred about 300 classroom teachers with various reasons ranging from over staying in the old station and on request.
Transfers in the district used to be done in December and this makes the teachers to have ample time to prepare to go to the new stations but the transfer list for this year was released one week after the schools reopened for first term which has caused a lot of confusion.
Mr. Amin Lega Ajobe one of the affected teachers said, the timing for these transfers is not good because this could have been the time where teachers are supposed to be in class.
He said, some of the teachers never applied for transfers but they were forced and this didn't give room for them to prepare for the transfer. "In these transfers, there has been a lot of confusion and to make things worse, you are posted to a school today and the next day you are posted to another school so, a teacher is transferred to two different schools at subsequent intervals by the district so, the transfer committee has done no work for us and the transfers will affect performance greatly," he said.
Ms. Aida Bakoko another teacher expressed dissatisfaction over her frequent transfers in the district saying she is transferred after every three years. She said, in 2018, she was taken to Govule Islamic Ps, in 2021, she was transferred to Apo Army boarding Ps and again in 2024, another transfer to Fataha Ps. "I have some health complications and to go to schools that are far where access to transport and health facilities is a challenge which means this will make me to ride daily which will shorten my life. The medical report is saying, I am likely to be cancerous, that's why I am supposed to be retained within the areas where access to transport and health facilities is easy," she said.
Mr. Salim Sudi the head teacher of Agonga Primary School criticizes the education department for not keeping secrets of the issues that happen in the department. "It's the education department that gives proposals on transfers but its the Chief Administrative Officer to approve it. The issue of transfers leaked before being officially released by the office of the CAO and if you go to the schools now, the teachers are now reluctant," he said.
He said, the reluctance of the teachers in reporting to the new stations may disorganize the whole of this term if not properly handled because this has been a massive transfer which affected over 300 teachers. 
Mr. Saffi Noah Atiku the head teacher of Kenyanga Primary school said; "Some teachers have taken advantage of the transfer to go to the schools of their choice but not the ones they were transferred to. The purpose of the transfer is to reorganize staffing system so, my school is likely going to be affected as some of the teachers are maneuvering their ways to other schools and the higher authority should take note of this and address it timely".
Mr Moses Chuna Kapolon the Chief Administrative Officer said transfers are normal and there is no definite time for effecting transfers but all civil servants should be ready for transfers at any time. He said, transfers are supposed to improve performance but if it affects performance, then they have to review how to transfer teachers.
"The appointment letters the teachers received had a paragraph that says, you (teachers) will be transferred when occasion demands to any part of the district so, it should never ever happen for any civil servant to say, i will never go where you have transfered me. You think my being in Yumbe is luxury? Don't intimidate and threaten me as the CAO, we shall not accept that," he said.
"Those who have been transferred, it’s with immediate effect that they must report to their new stations but if there are some challenges, let them report to me and we deal with the challenge at that level but not refusing to leave the school where you are transferred from. The teachers shouldn't undermine my authority and their refusal tantamount to insubordination which I wouldn't accept," he added.
He said, the issue of transfers shouldn't create anarchy, conflict and confusion in the district and warned that two weeks from now, any teacher who has not moved to the new station will not be paid salary for the subsequent months.

COVER PHOTO: Some of the teachers check the transfer list on notice board at the district headquarters on Wednesday. By Robert Elema

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