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Terego district council during the March 28, 2024 sitting in the council hall. Photo by Martin Anguyo
By Martin Anguyo
There was drama at Terego district headquarters during the district council session for March 28, 2024 where a section of councilors matched out of the council hall before the meeting could end protesting missing documents from the technical department.
The papers that the councilors alleged were missing on the budget frame work paper for the financial year 2024/2025 include the procurement plan, the recruitment plan, the retirement plan and the performance improvement plan.
֞Having not seen these documents and as being the youth councilor for the whole of Terego district, I am comfortably not able to proceed with this session, “an annoyed councilor said.
֞This same trick was also played last year. We have been deceived and dodged several times. We are tired, even there were some monies meant for doing some activities in the district and up to date, the works have not been done,”֙ another councilor said.
The deputy council speaker of Terego district Hon Draru Gloria Ogunu who chaired the session condemned the action taken by the councilors saying that, they undermined the full speaker who delegated powers to her to chair the session.
Meanwhile, the Terego district Chairman Hon Wilfred Saka stated that, all the actions taken by the councilors were illegal ֞The matter is illegally addressed. It’s like when a cargo leaves, an alternative is provided to reach to the same destination,"Saka said.
The Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Terego Mrs. Olema Annet while responding on the matter assured the councilors that, they will be availed with the missing documents within one week.

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