todayMarch 16, 2023

By Idarus Pajobo

Arua City

The baseball game in west Nile, has been termed as a way of sharing the good news of Christ which aims at giving opportunities to the players for moral enhancement and spiritual growth. Baseball is a sport not much known in west Nile region yet has existed for over twenty years with only the major schools in the region embracing it.

Speaking to Mr. Allanmar Adriano, the team leader Nile Harmers Baseball team   says the sport is like a ministry, it goes beyond just playing a game. “For us it’s beyond just baseball it’s like a ministry, currently I work with an organization called Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) that cuts across all other sports. This organization tries to see that there is a better way sports is done. Instead of the dimensions of sports where coaches go in the field and impart only practical skills and after the players just go home, what FCA is putting in place is the aspect of faith.” Allanmar said.
Adam Adroti, a player of baseball currently with Nile harmers confirms that baseball is for God and he plays the game to reach out to people. “As a player, for the love that we have for the game, we have a slogan that’s says “baseball for God”, meaning that we want to play the sport to exalt the name of God and reach out to people, and once you involve in this sport, we introduce you to Christ we want you to be part of Christ and we put God first in everything.” Adam noted.

Similarly, Julius Eriku a coach player says. Baseball has enabled him associate with different persons who have built him religiously to glorify God. “I have associated with very many different people that I thought I would never associate with, like FCA, which is doing ministry through sports. Some of the other benefit is that it has impacted me religiously because it has enabled me stay in line with my Christian faith and also helped me learn to glorify God in all that I do.” said Eriku.
The baseball sport is set to have a major tournament in June for clubs and the different schools that embrace it with “Atlanta” a team from USA set to visit West Nile region.

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