todayApril 17, 2024

By Godwin Abedican


Suspects that the police in Arua arrested on allegations of attempting to bribe a police CID officer with 2 million shillings to kill a murder case have spoken over the matter accusing the police for having asked for the money to be paid for the release of their relative.

This is a twist in an earlier story we ran in which the police accused Ajikia Annet 28 years and wife to the murder suspect one Onzima Innocent, and Nyakuta Brian aged 22 a boda-boda rider, for allegedly attempting to bribe police with two million (2,000,000) shillings in order to kill a murder case which took place on 17th December 2023, where one Arijole Alido was murdered by his brother Onzima Innocent and other clan members.

Speaking to the media after their release secured by the district leadership of Arua, the suspects said they were asked by the CID Detective ASP Kalinaki Japhar to raise the said money.

Ajkia annet the prime suspect whose husband was to be released after paying the money says her husband was arrested at the wee hours of Friday at 4 am and at around 8 am her husband called her to take 2 million shillings that they had agreed on with the CID to secure his release. She says in the process of giving the money the CID told her to confirm the money from his office and not to tell anyone that they had paid money.

According to the suspects when it reached Saturday and the suspect whom they paid for to be released was not yet out after paying the money on Friday 12th April 2024, when they came back on Saturday they were warned not to come back on Sunday.

But when they brought food on Sunday, an in-law of the arrested man on inquiring from the CID officer, what the money was meant for, the CID ASP Kalinaki Japhar immediately wrote their details and ordered for their arrest and detention at around 3 PM

Nyakuta Brian the boda-boda rider says he was innocently arrested and he is contemplating on suing the police for damaging his image over what he does not know.

Amaku Geoffrey an in-law to the murder suspect says his sister was asked for extra money of one million which they declined to pay but instead asked for the refund of the two million which made the CID to take the action of arresting his sister and the boda-boda rider.

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