todayMay 8, 2024

By Stephen Odong

The public is urged to begin investing in Treasury bills and bonds. Treasury bills are a type of short-term savings in which an individual can place funds for the government's use in an account; the bills mature three months to a year after the date of purchase.

This means that after a year, you will receive the payback of the loan balance plus interest. Treasury bills are long-term financial commitments with a 2–20-year maturity.

Speaking to a few of the bank's clients at the Boma Hotel on Saturday, John Baptist Kaweesi, the head of mortgage and consumer banking at Housing Finance Bank, stated that the bank is the only one in Uganda to have developed an online security portal, and the security he is referring to is the purchase of Treasury bills and bonds.

Barbra Caroline Acuga, a nursing officer at Gulu Independence Hospital and one of the attendees at the customers forum hosted by Housing Finance Bank, commends Housing Finance for bringing this initiative to the public's attention.

She notes that “most people are unaware of an alternative method of earning while saving for the future that can yield higher interest rates than even a fixed account, where the interest yield is equal to or less than that of Treasury bills and bonds”, Acuga added.

His worship Alfred Okwonga the Mayor of Gulu city

Gulu City Mayor his worship. Alfred Okwonga, who is also a customer of Housing Finance Bank, advises the team at Housing Finance Bank to always emphasize hiring good loan officers who know how to talk to the customers. “As we all know, the loan officer is the best representative of the bank, guiding and directing customers toward the services they require from the institution”, Okwonga stressed.

The Mayor thanks Housing Finance Bank for allowing people to participate in this kind of arrangement since it gives clients a priceless chance to provide comments and suggestions to the bank, giving the bank the chance to both maintain and improve the areas that clients need and want.

COVER PHOTO: John Baptist Kaweesi Loans officer Housing Finance Bank handing over gifts By Stephen Odong

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