todayMay 15, 2024

By Anslem Ojaru

In abid to create resilient communities that have equitable access to quality and affordable access to healthcare for better health outcomes, Uganda cooperative savings and credit union, in partnership with Uganda health partner’s cooperative gathered leaders of the different SACCOS from 8 districts of westnile to introduce them to the concept of health cooperative insurance.

Dr Sylivester Ndirora Mukama the Chief Executive Officer of Uganda cooperative savings and credit union says that this is to help SACCOS overcome some of the obstacles to affordable health careOur focus was on health care because we know that even when you’re into savings and credit without due or good healthcare you cannot achieve much. We want to introduce to them a cheaper way of accessing health services using the cooperative model.” Mukama said.

With the cooperative health insurance model, SACCO’s member contributes periodical low premium for themselves and their dependents. Johnson Andinda the secretary for Uganda Health Partner’s Cooperatives, highlights some of the benefits of the health insurance cooperative. “People don’t sell their assets at the time of accessing care people don’t go borrowing from neighbors at the time they need health services   people have saved money for other things in the family we have seen members seek care early because there is no barrier they have already paid they don’t wait for the illness to first escalate.” Andida added

Simon Peter Anyanzo the chairman board of directors for Moyo SAACCO adds that this training will benefit the SACCO members by bringing services near to them. “The reality is when you visit saccos here  you will realize  that number of members  come in to access the service that is provided by saccos as mainly emergency health, so this kind of project is a game changer in that it is going to ensure that services for treatment of members is available ,it is accessible, and is affordable.” Anyanzo stressed.

The cooperative health insurance model started in 1997 and currently there are 38 cooperatives that are helping people to access the health care in the private sector across the country.

COVER PHOTO: SACCO leaders working on their action plan for the health insurance model. By Anslem Ojaru

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