LC1 Chairperson appeals for vigilance as theft cases rise in Moyo district

todayMay 10, 2023

By Ganiko Samson Bullen


Local council one chairperson in Moyo district have appealed to the public to be vigilant and on alert for their property as cases of house break-ins rise in the district. Just from the start of this week there have been an outcry from the residents of Central one, Besia and Uda villages on rampant cases of house break-ins during the night.

Eriku John D K the LC one chairperson of Besia village in Moyo town council says his cell has recorded a number of theft cases and he attributed it to negligence from the community in protecting their properties. “Is not the government, police, army and LC one to guide you but you provide security for your own self, take care of your properties and report matters of insecurity, we have ever told you,” the LC noted. John DK further disclosed that majority of the people live their houses open as they attend night discos where the thieves play their duties of stealing.

Meanwhile Maiku Ipai Frank, the LC one chairperson of central one village in Moyo town council says there is no immediate solution to the cases of house break-ins as he appealed to the public to be watchful of wrong elements. “The solution is first, you the owner of the shop or the house, you must build up your own security by either recruiting at list a local guide if its shop break-in,” Maiku appealed to the public

He further revealed that police can’t be everywhere to monitor and as the LC ones are also in their own homes sleeping. “These thieves are also smart, they come to your place knowing very well that there is no person in the house at that moment,’’ He encouraged the community to be vigilant.    
Whereas Edema John the LC One chairperson Uda village in Moyo sub County attributed it to the idealness of Youths who are much engaged in drugs abuse.
It’s also reported that majority of the house break-in cases occur during the night when house owners are all for night discos.


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