todayOctober 26, 2023

By Kaleb Yiiki


Twenty solar panels and two solar batteries from eleven security light poles along Oluko Road in Mvara Ward in Arua City have been stolen by unidentified thieves.

Residents of Mvara Ward were convened in a security meeting in attendance of the Mayor Arua Central Division, Councilors, LC1 Chairpersons, LCII chairpersons, Deputy Resident City Commissioners, former political leaders, and Senior citizens residing in the eight cells including Local Council one  chairpersons of the neighboring wards in Arua City.

While driving from Arua City Centre to Mvara Trading Centre (Mvaradri) using Oluko Road, Radio Pacis observes that the Eleven Poles vandalized are along the Stretch before Reaching Salim Saleh Stadium.

In her security recommendation to the City authorities, Nezima Ocokoru, the Former Local Council III chairperson of the former Arua Hill Division, a resident of Mvara Ward reveals that while in office, she ensured that the construction of a building to act as a police post at National Forest Authority Office in Arua City premises was started with the mayor for Arua Central Division promising to roof the house but up to now the project has stalled.

She continues to reveal that the main purpose for the police post was to help curb the insecurity that is in Mvara. “When this place was in darkness, women who came with baskets from the market would not survive here, where all their bags will go, all their monies will be taken away.” She narrated.

Nezma Ocokoru former Arua Hill division chairperson speaks during the meeting with Mvara residents

Charles Asiki the Former Mayor for Arua Municipality narrates that the unsuspecting thieves climbed up one of the Security Light Poles but the security personnel on duty fired a shot in the air and this man jumped and ran away leaving the solar panel dangling there. “The other day, he returned the following day to come and pick it but was intercepted by a Motorcycle rider (Bodaboda man) who found him, but also ran away Leaving the Solar Panels behind and the Bodaboda man picked the panels and brought it to my home and that is the kind of concern we want everybody to have.” he recommended. 

In this same community meeting, Residents of Mvara Ward demanded a health Centre from the City Authorities. In the matter of establishing a health Centre in Mvara Ward, Benzamine Radar, the Arua City Public Accounts Committee Chair who is also a resident of Mvara Ward proposed that the sick bay at Arua Core Primary Teachers College (PTC) in Mvara which is lying idle could be established as a health Centre instead of taking Health Centre service away from Mvara. “The Proposal to establish a health Unit at Core PTC did not reach core PTC Council and I don’t think the core PTC Administration can refuse this proposal.” he noted.

One of the poles where the solar panels were stolen from

The Deputy Speaker Arua City Council Tabu Fred promised that he will report the issue of Solar directly to the office of Arua City Engineer. “It is your debt on me and if not fixed, I should be held responsible.” he committed.

More so, in the matter of ensuring that security is beefed in the area so that people enjoy doing business at whatever time, Issa Atumwa, the Deputy Resident City Commissioner for Arua central Division revealed that instruction was given to any security guard that, whether they are guarding a bank or any other Public or private property, once you see somebody, you send a massage to that person.

He promised to discuss it at higher level and then develops a very wonderful strategy. “I am very happy that there is information and these people you already identified, we are going to follow not with police, we are going to use armed forces, the ones that don’t have tear gas and batons, so  for this particular case, flying squad and army.“ he warned.

By Kaleb Yiiki Some of the solar panels recovered after thieves vandalized them at Asiki’s home By Kaleb Yiiki

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