todayFebruary 7, 2024

By Morish Dramadri

Arua city.

A moment of shock and sorrow engulfed the residents in Ambeko cell, Ayivu division in  Arua city after the body of a 42yr old man suspected to be killed by a yet to be identified assailants  was found lying in one of the families in the cell. 

Taban Mustafa, a kakwa by tribe and a resident of Surusoni cell, Ayivu division in Arua city and a former UPDF officer under AMISON was suspected to be murdered at night on Monday 05th February 2024.

Simon Okuga the local council one chairperson of Ambeko cell confirmed the incidence saying the prime suspect is known.I got information at around 1:48am from a UPDF officer that people are beating someone at Hussain Acua’s home. As I arrived at 6am in the morning, I found the man was dead, with a lot of bloodspots, I then asked Nasser, a son to Hussein that where were you when people were beating this man. He told me in fact he started the fight with the deceased himself.” Okuga said.

Meanwhile Alex Apangu a resident of the cell recalled Taban Mustafah the victim as a person without any criminal records. “This is a boy whom I know way back since he was born he has no crime records, not even a thug for the last 41years I have lived here, the best thing I know of him is he drinks,” Apangu recalled.  

Malon Avutia, the Ayivu division mayor condemned the actions of the suspects and said they have got tips on the suspected murders. We condemn this kind of killing in this area. The suspects in this killing shall be cursed for four generations,” Avutia noted.

By press time, the body was already handed to his family by the police after postmortem examination amid violent situation at the scene by the relatives of the deceased.

COVER PHOTO: Police and other local leaders at the home of Hussein Acua where the victim was suspected to be killed By Morish Dramadri

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