500 Acres of Land for Industrial Park donated to Arua District.

todayMarch 30, 2023

By Kaleb Yiiki


Arua District is set to benefit from 500 acres of land donation located in Ayaa Parish, Ajia Sub County for Industrial Park.
An industrial park is a portion of the city that is specifically reserved for industrial use and they generally include: ports, oil refineries, distribution centers, warehouses, and factories. The National Industrial Policy 2020 was developed to position Uganda to take advantage of both domestic and external opportunities where Government will address critical human and societal needs including: access to food, clothing, shelter, health, physical infrastructure, defense, mobility and education, through employment opportunities and domestic production of value added goods. The industrial & business parks and agricultural lands in Uganda Status report produced in July 2021, reveal that Industrial Park Land for Arua District measuring up to 500 acres is not secured and that the Industrial Park will be used for processing Honey, fruits, coffee, textiles and Small and Medium Enterprise work space development.

When Radio Pacis reached out to the Industrial park Land Donor Enzama Richard, he says, during an engagement meeting with the District officials over the request by the District for a land offer to establish an industrial Park, they agreed that District avails to Family Members the council minutes for the request for land, District should take Logistical expenses in terms of Site Visits and meetings during the land meetings with the neighboring community members which he said the District is doing. The Family members also demanded that since the Title deed for the land measuring 1221.23 Hectares is under the old Tenure, the District should help them acquire a current Title for the Land remaining after donating the 500 acres of Land. The family also demanded the District to ensure that the People of Ayaa Parish in Ajia Sub County are connected to social amenities Like Roads, Electricity and Water, Hospital and Schools Like Primary School, Secondary School and Vocational Institution and that in all development works that require both skilled and unskilled work in the Industrial Area, priority be given to Ayaa people. “We are donating this piece of land for the Industrial park to benefit the entire population of Ayaa Parish, in fact the entire population of Ajia Sub County.” He affirmed.

Similarly Alfred Okuonzi the Arua District Chairman confirmed that the Industrial Park is between Riki in Arua City and Ayaa in Arua District; which land is readily available and is going to serve both Arua District and Arua City. He however said that the District in conjunction with the Family members is going to open the Borders of the 500 acres of the donated Industrial Park Land. “Uganda Investment is more than ready to come and start developing the Land.” He declared. The completion of the Industrial Park is estimated to cost 55.2 billion shillings and is expected to create 55,000 Jobs.

COVER PHOTO: LCV Arua Alfred Okuonzi By Kaleb Yiiki

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