UPDF Officer sentenced to 40 years in Prison over shooting dead a Civilian

todayMarch 15, 2023

By Joseph Abiria


The court martial sitting at bondo military barracks has sentenced Corporal Franco Okwi to 40 years in prison. The convict allegedly shoot dead one Philliam Sida on 25 December 2022 following a misunderstanding between the convict and the deceased.

On the fateful day of the shooting the convict requested the deceased to go and buy for him alcohol at a nearby trading center, but the deceased declined to go because he was on his way going to church, this prompted the convict to open gun fire on the deceased noting that the deceased had become argumentative. This incident happened at the quarter guard in bondo military barracks. The convict was then arrested and had served 3 months on remand before the ruling.
Corporal Okwi attached to 57th battalion bondo military barracks with UPDF number RA 18500 was charged with murder contrary to penal code act 188-189 cap 120.

Convicted UPDF Army Officer Corporal Franco Okwi

Court produced 3 defense council who all testified that the convict did not have intentions to kill the deceased since his shooting was aimed at disabling the deceased. Prosecution also argued that the convict is a first time offender with no past criminal records. The convict pleaded guilty. According to a post mortem report done by Dr. Charles Hicheroma a police surgeon, the deceased died due to heavy bleeding resulting from the gun shoot.  

After cross examining the case file, the chairman 4th division court martial Col .George Nambafu said all the fundamental ingredients show that the convict committed the act of murder that led to the death of the deceased. Court further noted that murder is one of the severest most committed punished crimes. In lawsuit, the convict has 2 wives and 9 children and is the bread winner of his family. 
Col Nambafu however advised that the convict has the right to appeal within a period of 14 days.

COVER PHOTO: Alfred Okuonzi LCV Chairman Arua(L) Geofrey Okiswa Arua RDC(M) and Some UPDF Officers during the hearing By Joseph Abiria

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