Three in trouble for diverting Emyooga funds in Arua

todayOctober 16, 2021

By Federick Dramadri.
Three leaders of Arua central division performing artists Emyooga SAACO are in trouble over their alleged diversion of part of their Emyooga funds.
The trio are accused of illegally withdrawing and misappropriating funds without the consent of group members.
It is alledged that on 22nd August 2021, Peace Emuzu the chairperson, Oromchan Moses the secretary and Joseph Jurua the treasurer withdrew 19.5 million shillings without the knowledge of members and allegedly purchased an old Toyota Noah registration number UAM 277Z in the names of the chairperson creating suspicion among the other SACCO members.
Upon interrogation the chairperson of the SACCO Peace Emuzu reveal that the vehicle cost 17 million shillings plus 2.5 million shillings add-ons for repair and maintenance.
“When we procured it, we incurred other costs. We fixed or changed tires. What I’m telling is the truth, I’m not lying to you in any way. We may have made a rush decision as everyone is disagreeing. We earlier on presented this to other members but everybody also rejected it. But that’s what happened”, he said.
The vehicle in question has only fetched 500,000 shillings for the last two months due to its poor condition and some of the experts in the sale of vehicles valued the Toyota Noah at only 7million shillings.
Arua Resident City Commissioner Alice Akello questions the decision taken by the trio, saying a number of people are deliberately frustrating government’s efforts in establishing poverty alleviating programmes.
“You are not telling me that car is 17million. I have eyes, I have ears I have a brain. You can’t convince me that is at that amount you are talking about. We want to help you but you are ones letting us down. You complain this government is doing nothing. Now government has given you 30million and then you pick and throw it a very old vehicle and you claim you bought it 17million. Who can buy that vehicle at that amount?
A meeting with the Resident City Commissioner also discovered that trio are members of the same group, which it easy for them to manipulate the withdrawal of the money.
According to the cooperate act 2020, SACCO leadership at the apex level are the directors of the institution and they are supposed to organize an annual general meeting with members to make decisions and not on their own.
Members of the SACCO in the presence of the regional Emyooga coordinator Ezama Ham Muzamil tasked the trio to sign an agreement to pay back the 19million shillings to the SACCO in 7months.
“If these people can commit himself in writing that he is going to bring to the SACCO at least 70,000 shillings daily let him consent with the members. Let us check every month that 2.1 million is coming so that in 7 months we shall have 20 million and then we could dispose of the vehicle as scrap”, said 
The Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation program commonly known as Emyooga targets SACCO’s formed in specialized fields that need capital to boost their incomes.
Each saving and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO) is given 30 million shillings as seed capital while districts receive 570 million shillings to support the SACCOs. The targeted groups include Journalists, bodaboda cyclists, women enterprises, carpenters, tailors, mechanics, blacksmithing, carpentry, mechanics, pottery, performing artists, and fishermen among others.

COVER PHOTO: The vehicle in contention being inspected by members. Courtesy Photo by Federick Dramadri

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