One murdered in Zombo district over theft

todayAugust 5, 2021

By Mike Rwothomio

Police at Paidha central police station in Zombo district are investing the murder of a suspected thief. The deceased has been identified by security authorities as Juma Ocaki Onencan, a resident of Pakadha trading center in Abanga Sub County.
He was lynched by an angry mob after several reports pinned him for the disappearance of household items including; saucepans, mattresses, solar panels, batteries and their accessories, livestock including goats, sheep and poultry belonging to residents in the area.
He was snatched by the mob from a police officer after he was apprehended with a solar panel that he stole from an unknown resident in Abanga Sub County.
ASP Joel Bogere, the OC operations at Paidha Police station says the deceased was a habitual notorious thief.
“The little we have gathered is that he has been breaking in people's houses to steal properties. The case was reported to Padea Police post in Padea town council but the mob descended on him when he was being referred to Serr police post in Abanga Sub County. After reaching Pakadha trading center, he was hijacked by the angry mob from a police officer on a motorbike and they beat him to death" Bogere said.
An eye witness who declined to be named said, "That man was disturbing people here and in places like Zeu, Jangokoro, and Paidha. He could stay in one place and steal as much as he wanted and when he realized that people had known his tactics he would then relocate to another place. People were just tired of him”.
The LC3 chairperson of Abanga Sub County Awekunimungu Udokupeingom and some religious leaders have condemned mob actions.
"People shouldn't take laws in their own hands and they should not let their emotions lead them into acts that will take the life of another person. And then our youth should be proactive. We have so many avenues through which we can acquire genuine wealth. Most of us here dislike agriculture but that’s where treasure is. Let’s forget stealing or killing to acquire wealth because they don’t add up to anything”, he said.

Previous cases
Cases of mob action are on the increase in Zombo district. Close to ten related cases have been reported at Paidha Central Police station since the beginning of this year.

COVER PHOTO: Close to ten people have been lynched since the beginning of this year in Zombo district. Courtesy photo.

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