Arua Market vendors accuse City authorities of poor garbage management

todayAugust 4, 2022

By Abedican Godwin

Vendors in the different markets within Arua city are faulting the city authorities over poor waste and garbage management.  According to the traders, it has become a habit by the central division authorities and the city council to allow garbage pile at the different collection points for long before collecting which the traders say endangers their lives. This complaint comes after close to a week in which there have been heaps of garbage along almost all the main roads within the city and fully filled up garbage skips at the different collection points being left unattended to. The traders attribute this to in fights among the leaders in the city especially following the visit of the minister of local government Hon. Raphael Magyezi to the city in which he condemned some leaders for not doing the right thing.

Meanwhile at Arua the newly constructed Arua main market, the traders also accuse the current leadership of the central division in arua city for failing to collect the garbage. Speaking to radio Pacis, a trader who only identified herself as molly, who has been a vendor in the market for years before the recent demolition of the old market and reconstruction says, the previous old market structure had better leadership from the former municipality and garbage issues were not as seen currently. “I have never seen a very dirty town like this especially during our previous leaders’ regime.  This regime is very worse than anything whereby nobody cares but here we are scared. Our life is at risk since the rubbish is really too much for us and the way it smells and the way the so-called city looks, everything is not the way we want, it’s the way the leaders need. But for them they are there in offices and during those days it was better than the new market, I am crying for those old days and if this continues, we shall demonstrate” Molly narrated angrily. Wadri Bazil, a Bodaboda who parks around the newly constructed arua main market next to KKT building says their stage has already become a dumping site and they are being pushed away by the ever increasing size of garbage that always takes long without being collected.

In his response to the complaints raised by the vendors, Muzaid Khemis, the mayor Arua central division admitted that they have had challenges as a division especially due to shortage of fuel. “Our fuel for July got finished but we have already prepared a Local Purchase Order to the supplier and this will be sorted in a few days.” He added that there is an increase in the generation of garbage generally within the city and he says this is a challenge that will not come to an end. He however criticizes the minister following some comments that he made saying the ministers statements have also contributed to the mess in the city.
“I wanted this questions you should have asked the minister and his team so that he understands the beauty of urban management, so that he understands some of the decisions they just make under undue influence. If it comes to issues of management, the various authorities must understand their level. Is it the level of a minister to come and make decision about the issues of vendors?” Khemis charged.

The newly constructed Arua main market has a garbage management site which has currently been rented out and allocated to the fish vendors on claims that the garbage trucks are so big to enter the allocated space. While responding to the complaints of the vendors, Muzaid Khemis, the mayor Arua central division admitted that they have had challenges adding that this issue will be sorted.

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