Arua Regional Referral hospital targets offering second chance of vision for Cataract patients

todayJanuary 18, 2023

By Sabir Musa

Arua Regional Referral Hospital administration has renewed effort in reducing cases of disabilities resulting from cataract, a cloudy area in the lens of eye that affects light focus. Statistics obtained from the hospital indicates that, 13 cases of Cataract have so far been registered at the facility since start of this year and an estimate of 30 to 60 cases are registered monthly.

The Hospital Director, Alex Andema confidently states that, “we try our best to see that people who are disabled”. He explains three stages that a persons affected by cataract undergo in the journey of restoring their sigh. “We can prevent the disability primarily by making sure that people don’t get into the disabled state, or secondarily by correcting it, or thirdly by giving some appliances for the person to use so that, he can still be useful to himself, familt and community” he explains. The Director made this remark at an event to receive 43 intraocular lens and 3 packets of operating materials for cataract surgery donated by Prince Kimbugwe Foundation – Germany. These were delivered earlier at the office of Arua Resident City Commissioner who would later handover to the hospital administration.

Intraocular lens are used after cataract surgery to replace normal lens after it develops problem; when it becomes cloudy and opaque. The Principal Ophthalmic Clinic Officer at the hospital, Joel Oya reveals that, the equipment will greatly contribute as they are necessary in the journey of restoring sights of affected person. “If this lens (normal lens) is removed through operation then they only fix the intraocular lens so that vision is restored” he explains.
While handing over these items to the hospital administration, Arua Resident City Commissioner, Alice Akello cautions on proper use of the items to attract more donations. “You know without the eye, somebody cannot do much. If you use it very well, we are going to lobby for more”
These lens received as donation will be given out to patients whose condition requires it after screening at the hospital.

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