Nyarilo Primary school Lauded for Excellence Performance.

todayOctober 31, 2022

By Godwin Abedican

Nyarilo Primary School, a Muslim founded school in Koboko district, emerged the best school in the Madi and West Nile Diocese Christian Religious Education (CRE) examinations. The examinations sat yearly by the Primary Seven candidates in the schools under the diocese had the results released on Friday 14th October 2022 by Rev. Canon. Amos Afayoa, the Chairperson Madi and West Nile Diocese Examinations Board Primary Department.

Reading out the results, Rev. Afayoa noted that, Nyarilo primary much as is a Muslim founded school has appreciated what the diocese is doing in education adding that it’s a great challenge to the Diocesan foundation schools.
Abosa Bran, the head teacher Nyarilo primary school, says that as a school they have always given priority to religious education subjects both CRE and Islam religious Education (IRE). “CRE and IRE contribute 25% of the marks in social studies(SST) and which means if we do not concentrate on them it mean our learners will only be doing SST out of 75%” he said.

Enzama Michael, who heads CRE department at the diocese says they have noted a lot of reluctance among the teachers who are handling the subject in the different schools under the diocese. “There must be our lay chaplains assigned with authority and power and be retooled to oversee CRE in our schools,” Ezama suggested.
Godfrey Nasser, the Diocesan secretary, Madi and West Nile Diocese expressed gratitude over the results.

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