Minority groups threaten to breakaway from Bunyoro kingdom over lack of recognition.

todayMarch 30, 2023

By Ojok Robert Mone


Chope speaking people are divided on their quest for secession from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom. This ethnic group according to history migrated from the north following the Nile valley before settling in Northern Bunyoro by 18th century. Currently there are more than 52-Chope clans scattered in different districts of Bunyoro kingdom including Kiryandongo, Masindi, Hoima, Buliisa among others.

Tonny Obonyo a resident of Mutunda Sub County in Kiryandongo district one of the disgruntled Chope says they are not benefiting from kingdom cake like academic scholarships, appointment in the leadership of Bunyoro-kitara kingdom like ministers even no courtesy visit by the kingdom officials in their area.
However, the former Member of Parliament for Kibanda County in Kiryandongo district Sam Amooti Otada a member of Biito clan rubbished quest by some of the tribes’ mate.

According to Otada, attempt by the tribes’ mate may weaken the kingdom that has been the strongest in region for close to a century.

Sam Amooti Otada with Andrew Byakutaga-PM

The county chief of Kibanda north in Bunyoro-kitara kingdom Dabanja Alfred challenges the tribes’ mate to strengthen unity amongst themselves and other tribes instead of demanding a breakaway. Dabanja says Bunyoro Kitara kingdom is a multi-ethnic society that have stayed peacefully for ages. The kingdom has not yet got official document demanding secession from Chope, Andrew Byakutaga, and the prime minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom says the strength of the kingdom is multi-ethnicity. ‘We here that Bachope are having an office in Katulikire in Kiryandongo claiming to be a kingdom with a king and a prime minister which is a bit disturbing’, Byakutaga said

Member of Parliament of Kibanda South Jacob Karubanga who is chairperson Bunyoro Parliamentary Caucus calls for dialogue instead of divisionism,
According to Hon. Jacob Karubanga, the strength of the kingdom depended of various tribes like Acholi, Alur, Bachope, Baruli and Bagungu among others.
Apart from Chope, Bagungu are also threatening to break away from Bunyoro Kingdom.
Bunyoro kingdom have a total population of about 1.4 million which is heterogeneous in nature having about 56 ethnic groups and 52 clans.

COVER PHOTO: A sign post for the minority group -CHOPE in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom By Ojok Robert Mone

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