Grief and sorrow as a primary 5 pupil is murdered in Arua city.

todayJuly 21, 2022

By Godwin Abedican

The residents of Kenya ward in Arua Central Division Arua city, around a place commonly known as 73rd parliament, woke up to a shocking scene when they found a dead body of a sixteen years old boy, Sharif Muhammad Alone a primary 5 pupil of Arua Parents primary school dumped between Kirabu and Enyau cells on Monday 18th July 2022. Sharif was found lying lifeless a few meters from home in the morning after unknown assailants murdered him at night.

Speaking to Kainga Rashid, the LC1 chairperson of Kenya ward, he described the event as unfortunate adding that it was hard to know who could have done such a nasty thing. He confirmed having knowledge of the boy as a resident of his ward. However, he criticized the residents of the place for acting unlawfully especially after being attacked by some youth in the area for alerting the police to come and pick the dead body for postmortem “One of the boys boxed me asking me who I am to release the dead body to the police, which incident I have already reported to the police as a case of assault,” Rashid said. He added that, it’s very hard to know what children do because anytime as a parent when you get to sleep, children do sneak out and these are the things that sometimes they risk facing.
Nubi Muhamad Abas the father of the deceased says in his last communication with Sharif, the deceased when was in the house reading his books but the elder brother was the one who was not around and the late is alleged to have been the one who opened the door for the elder to enter the house but how he ended up outside still remains unknown. “I asked him at around 11 pm and he was around and how his death came about I don’t really know. My son was stabbed to death and I have never heard of anyone demanding him for something he was to pay for which he could be followed and killed. I have lost a son who gave me a lot of respect as he was growing,” Abas narrated.

The head teacher of Sharif’s former school, Andresi Eunice described the late a committed pupil in school given the setup of the community he came from and that the father always followed him to school daily something which made him to love school. Cosmas Luate a P5 pupil of Arua parent’s primary school, classmate and the closest friend to the deceased could not hold his emotions as he spoke about the brutal killing and loss of his dear friend whom he says he will remember for being kind to him and also influencing him in his studies. He advised children to stop moving at night to avoid facing what happened to his friend. Before the police could come to pick the dead body for postmortem, the relatives allegedly picked the dead body for burial being from a Muslim community something which has for now affected investigations in to the matter. It could visibly be seen that the dead body had multiple wounds especially on the head, signs of sharp objects having been used in the process of the killing.
By press time the body was ready to be taken for burial at the Muslim cemetery in Arua city.

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