Daily Press Review

Radio Pacis Arua 90.9 FM

Press Review is a 30-minutes Program on Radio Pacis 90.9 from 1:30pm to 2:00pm, and is presented by Hafiz Bahkit and Ojok Emmanuel. The Local News papers; Daily Monitor and the New Vision are mainly reviewed in this Program.

Mon—Fri: 1:30—2:00 pm
Language: English


  • To avail listeners summarized news and information from the local and international newspapers and magazines so that people in the rural areas are updated about the events.

  • To present printed news in a simpler language;

  • To give selected news and information that suit the needs of the local people through the mini press reviews in the local languages (Lögbara and Kakwa).

General appeal.

One piece of music as a bridge between two segments.

Live interaction and reflection on the various topics between the two presenters.


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