Friendly Connection

Radio Pacis Arua 94.5 FM

This Program is on Radio Pacis 94.5fm and 101.4 fm. It comes at 9:00 till Mid-Night. It is presented by Candia Peter aka “Peter De Rock”. It’s focus is making friendship. It runs from 9:30pm till 12.00am.

Mon—Fri: 9:00—12:00 midnight
Language: English


  • To contribute to the promotion of true sense of friendship;

  • To encourage community members to live in peace and harmony as a gospel value;

  • To enable the local audience to uphold friendship by listening to the real life experiences;

  • To bridge the gap between the community and individuals that may be living in suspicion of each other;

  • To help in reconnecting friends who may have separated from each other for some reasons.

General appeal.

R and B, Soul Music, one piece of slow Lingala music: lyrics with clear meaning that can help re-connect friends.

Interaction through sms media, Facebook.
Discussion, interviews, news and appropriate music.


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