Gospel Afternoon

Radio Pacis Arua 94.5 FM

Presented by Oyirwoth Pascal.
Here the discussion is around Inspirational tip and food tip - That is how to prepare certain types of food or tip on what is good for the body.


Mon—Fri: 1:00—2:00 pm
Language: English


  • To offer gospel music that can give moral, physical and spiritual support to the audience;

  • To provide unique spiritual enrichment through Gospel melodies and spiritually stimulating songs;

  • To encourage people who have problems, challenges and dilemmas to regain hope and life through inspiring songs;

  • To neutralize the circumstances that affect people’s lives, such as despair, sickness and death through motivational quotes;

  • To remind people that God is our companion in life;

  • To provide the community with the food tips in a short segment.

General audience

Gospel Music

Radio talk and interaction about real life experiences.


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