By Gabriel adrapi

The site for construction of a hospital complex in west Nile, has officially been handed over to the contractor

The project in yumbe district, is contracted to a firm from Arab world, sadeem al Kuwait Limited

Ayita Joel of juada consultancy overseeing the project says, he is going to work closely with the contractor, to ensure that what is contained in the aerial design is followed.

The leaders of Yumbe district have pledged to strictly monitor the project and fight against shoddy work

Onzima Godfrey, Member of Parliament Aringa north, lamented that huge portion of the money for some of the previous projects in the region ended in the pockets of some government officials.

“Such people, who are supposed to mintor the projects to ensure quality work, loose moral authority to talk, after taking bribes from the contractors”.

Onzima cited the example with road works in several parts of west Nile region

Taban Yassin, chairman yumbe district appealed to the contractor to consider the local labour force while employing staff to work at the site.

Mawanda Sam, a commissioner in the ministry of health, who represented the permanent secretary at the site hand over said, shillings 70billion has been allocated for the project in yumbe.

The funds come from several donors, including Saudi fund for development, the organization of petroleum exporting countries OPEC, and Arab fund for economic development in Africa.

The contractor has one month from the date of site hand over, to mobilize resources to kick start the work.

The hospital complex in Kuru is perceived to be the biggest hospital in west Nile and northern Uganda ahead of Arua regional hospital when completed. END