By Daniel Amule

Arua Diocese Media Centre – Radio Pacis staff were treated to an early Easter gift on Good Friday by the visit of Alfred Nyakuni  AKA Unckle Nyax  who has been off radio after getting involved in an accident on 16th December 2017.

Putting on a green polo T-shirt Unckle Nyax’s presence put wild smiles on the faces of the staff who couldn’t resist giving him the biggest hugs ever.

Fr Tonino Pasolini the Director Arua Diocese Media Centre – Radio Pacis and Sherry Meyer the Leadership Consultant Arua Diocese Media Centre – Radio Pacis were overwhelmed with joy. They hugged Unckle Nyax and had a brief chat with him.

The program Manager Noel Ayikobua who has been hosting the talk shows in the program In Da Mood that Unckle Nyax has presented since the beginning of the Radio was overjoyed to meet Unckle Nyax again.

“I couldn’t believe myself but all i can say is Thank you Lord. Indeed Prayers work Miracles. We continue to pray for your Recovery Uncle Unckle Nyax. I’m looking forward to that day probably next week when you come to the Radio again to say Thank you to all the listeners and fans of In Daa Mood Program. Radio Pacis Peace of Christ for all”, he said.

Unckle Nyax was accompanied to Arua Diocese Media Centre – Radio Pacis by his wife Doris Eyotaru who has been by his side through out his recovery and his Son.

The station manager Gaetano Apamaku expressed his joy by giving Glory to God for answering the prayers the staff, listeners and the whole West Nile had towards the recovery of Unckle Nyax. On his Facebook post he wrote “Finally. He is Back! Glory Be To God. Uncle Nyax is Back.

Unckle Nyax aka Alfred Nyakuni while chatting with his colleague staff members told them that he was feeling much better so he decided to come spend the Easter break with his family in Arua.

Unckle Nyax plans to get on air sometime soon to thank the people of West Nile who contributed generously to support him materially, spiritually and morally.

The Human Resource Manager Sarah Amviko said when I saw Unckle Nyax I said hosanna in the highest. “We have been impatiently waiting to see him again so to have Unckle Nyax back once again made me realize that prayers work.”

“He was very happy to be back at Radio Pacis! we pray that his treatment, therapy go on well so that we can have him back on air.” she added.

Pamela Atim  a News Anchor and reporter says seeing Unkle Nyax today made my day brighter because all I could do was to smile. She stressed that as some one who goes to the field daily she encounters people who keep asking about Unckle’s condition but could only give them a message of hope that he would be better because God is Able.

Similarly Sharon Angucia a news reader and reporter said Welcome back Unckle Nyax. We are glad that God is seeing you through.

Mukulia Lawrence a presenter used his Facebook account to express his joy by teasing his friends with this caption to his five photos with Unckle Nyax: “I’m filled with joy on seeing my senior uncle Unckle Nyax today. This is unbelievable. Lord indeed you are the most high and I strongly believe prayers can move mountains.
I’m going to have a wonderful Easter celebration and guess what, the Resurrection of Christ is just seen here.”

Many followers of the official Radio Pacis page were equally thrilled on learning about Unckle Nyax being back. Here are some of the comments;

Lillian Buru Another greatest gift for us in Arua diocese is to have you back with us. May he continue to do his wonders

Topy Topista We thank God for saving ur life and may he give u total healing

Oliver Parmu We praise God for his life. Well be back Unckle Nyax.

Jo Jo God u r wonderful. Thank u for our own, welcome back uncle nyax

Bible Son Oh great news.. We thank God for that. May his name be praised.Amen

Jean Jose Mupao Thank God n welcome back Uncle Nyax.

Achile Egabile I can see Kevin and Owaffa son, waiting to hear his voice.

Adomati Hillary Thanks God Uncle your welcome back with your funny in the mood news entertainment.

Wani Emmanuel You must praise the leaving lord nyaxs

Lydia Tengua Thanks to the almighty

Gladys Anguzu We thank the almighty God for healing Uncle Nyax, may his name be praised for ever more

Richards Lematia Welcome back! We thank God for the healing.


Anguzu Jonaz Aj Thank God once again that Mr Nyakuni aka Nyax is back home.

Aputu Betty Well be back God is greater than anything on this world

Ariku William Thank you Lord, welcome back Unckle Nyax

Ayiko Samuel Wonders of God shall never end come and see him. Uncle Nyax welcome back to the Promised Land.

Andebs Bizzy Lary Thanks be to the almighty……. For ur recovery and Happi easter

Alangi Lindah To God be the glory. Welcome back Unckle Nyax.

John Bosco Adebo Our Paska package. Welcome back Unckle Nyax

Drapari Sunday Surely with prayers nothing is Impossible. How ever everybody on this earth missed you but in the mood lovers seriously missed you too…….much specifically.

Babua Brian Well come back Nyax. We thank God for saving your life

Maximilian Robespierre Blessed be the Lord coz the provider of life

Anzepa Joel We have been waiting for him, thanks to God for his healing.

Adama Lenard Amen! Please organise a Thanksgiving mass for the Lord for hearing our prayers

Jaxon Idris Geria Thank you God for the gift of life. Well be back the rib cracker

Flavy Flavia Waoo we missed you let’s praise God for that


Letasi Tricia God is great and may His name be praised

Great welcome back dearest uncle……..we missed u lots

Owole Kenneth. Thanks Unckle Nyax! With God everything is possible.

Ayikoru Stella Welcome back, glory be to Aba Father in heaven

Anguyo Wilson God doesn’t abandon his pipo we’ll be back uncle Nyax

Moga Wonderful news Thank God for his greatness

Dimara Geofrey Great thanks be to GOD ALMIGHTY for bringing our brother back. Welcome back brother. We missed you.

Dricile Ceaser Weli Welcome back bro we really missed you

Nzilaru Christina Al-beitty Am grateful to God for saving ur life

Edaku David God is Supreme n works wonders. Welcome back.

Andresiru Maurine Wow God is great and praise be to him most high

Amandu Geofrey Well come back uncle, to God be the Glory

Seraphine Mgbaki Best news of the day, well be back Unckle Nyax..we have missed you.

Omuyo Yosam Am well coming you home from Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Praise the living God for what he has done.

Erima Morris Wat a news for me… Cannot wait to listen!!!

Ratibu Sabiri Welcome back Unkle longing 2 hear ur voice.

Acidri Morish God is great Uncle wel be back

Letasi Doreen Sunday We serve a miracle working God glory goes back to him

Akuma Dele Alli Thanks we missed him so much

Prince Geofrey Tomeka Thnx to God, fill at home

Carolyne Hope Thank you Lord for this great healing

Okello Raphael May I Know Uncle Nyax among Those in The Line.

Abiria Judith Glory be to God the almighty, welcome back

Additional Information

  • The broken clavicle is not as serious as the brain injury. The metal part put in him to support the clavicle could be surgically removed December 2018 or could simply remain in him for the rest of his life.
  • His phone use is restricted to a few hours a day, but he is unable to use the phone without assistance.
  • He tires very easily and sleeps a lot.

Mr. Nyakuni Alfred (better known as Uncle Nyax) is a Ugandan from the Lögbari people. With seven years’ experience in radio, he joined Radio Pacis in 2004. Holding a bachelor degree in education, he is a full-time secondary school science teacher who spent several months in the USA on scholarship. He co-presents In da Mood and presents West Nile Panorama. End