MARACHA: Councillors in Maracha district have blocked the approval of a new member to the District Service Commission(DSC) over allegations of lack of regional balance in the appointments.

The district Chairman Mr. Lawrence Adiga presented the name of Mrs Joyce Ezoru Penina, a retired Primary School Teacher as a member of district service commission representing People Living with Disabilities (PWD’S) for approval by the district council in a meeting on Friday.

Mr. Lawrence Adiga Maracha district chairman makes a presentation in District Council meeting on Friday. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU.

The appointment follows the expiry of term of office of the previous representative of the People Living with Disabilities(PWD’s) to the District Service Commission.

But the councillors declined to approve the new member on claims that most of the members of the district service commission come from Oleba subcounty where the officer in question also comes from.

It is already the third time the district Chairman fronted the name of the same person on grounds of failing to get another person with the required qualifications although the councilors rejected this same nominee in previous council meetings, asking the chairman to do more consultations.

Mr. Lawrence Adiga the district chairman said, “I am serving the district of Maracha, not minding of my home subcounty Oleba. The Executive of Maracha district nominated Mrs Joyce Awuzu Penina to serve as a member of District Service Commission.”

The female councilor representing People Living with Disabilities (PWD’s) to the district council, Mrs. Edisa Amaniyo has advised the chairman to make use of the District Disability Council to get names of capable people for the appointment.

“We were not given chance to identify capable persons. It was only on Tuesday that we were told to bring details of PWD’s who have the qualifications.This was too abrupt. They are only struggling to get a person from Oleba. Why only from Oleba?” Mrs. Edisa asked.

Some of the councilors also alleged that the District Chairman must have an interest in the person to take up the position, considering the fact that he doesn’t change his nomination.

“This is an item which has flopped in the last two councils where we failed to take decisions. In my opinion, Chairman also has his interest in this matter. Mr. Speaker as a person of Maracha, as concerned citizen, this Penina in my own wisdom, will not be approved.” Mr. Bosco Asea the councilor for Oluvu subcounty said.

According to members of the district executive committee, repeated efforts to get a person with required qualifications turned unsuccessful.

“It was not easy to get a woman with the needed requirements. All our efforts are in vain. It left the executive with no option but to look around and identify Mrs Joy Penina Awuzu, who is a retired Deputy Primary Headteacher.” Mr. Wilson Geriga, the Vice District Chairman said.

Mrs Florence Ario left the Secretary for Production and Natural Resources and Mr Wilson Geriga in council meeting at Maracha District Council Hall on Friday. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU.

Mrs. Florence Ario, the Secretary for Production, Marketing and Natural Resources said, “If only we had team work in this district, looking for this people was not limited to executive alone. Why didn’t they respond? We tried to consult our various subcounties but we could not get somebody with that qualification.”

Majority of the councillors insisted that the District chairman should do more consultation and present another name for the position.

Some of the Councilors of Maracha District in Council meeting on Friday. PHOTO BY ROBERT ATIKU.

Section 54 subsection 2b of the local government act reveals that the District Service Commission shall comprise five members with at least one third of the members of this commission represented by women and another one member should be a person living with disability.

The same document also indicates that a person shall not be appointed a member of District Service Commission unless that person is of high moral character and proven integrity, has a working experience of not less than ten years in a responsible position, is ordinarily a resident of that district and has a minimum qualification of advanced level of education. End