By Sharon Angucia

Some administrative units in West Nile have commissioned the continuous learning program by the ministry of education. This program intends to keep learners busy at homes as they wait to resume normal classes after Uganda containing the Corona virus.

Addressing the nation on Monday, April 20, The Minister of Education & Sports Mrs Janet Museveni revealed that the ministry had identified the basic competences/concepts to study, harmonized learning packages/materials for use in the continuity of learning while learners are at home, and prepared Guidelines for local government to ensure effective learning.

She said these will be delivered on Radios and Televisions and will mainly focus on P.1 to P.7 and secondary level.In addition, she added that, learners will access pre-recorded lessons and other learners will access materials online. The Ministry Of Education and sports produced a framework to guide the process of continuity of learning.

In West Nile the continuous learning program is set to be implemented through local radio stations for the districts of Arua, Maracha, Madi Okollo and Arua municipality.

The Arua municipality principal education officer Raymond Ombere explains how the radio lessons have been planned to run.

We have just finished preparing the teachers to start the program on Thursday 23rd April 2020 in various radio stations.

He stressed that the programs have been zoned in five sessions that will run on the different station as follows Lower Primary P1, P2 and P3 on Voice Of Life, transitional class P4 on Arua One, Upper Primary P5, P6, P7 on Radio Pacis, Ordinary Level on Nile FM and Advanced Level on Access Fm.

By the time of writing this story the timetable and time schedule were not yet agreed upon yet.

The acting Arua district education officer Henry Wadri has asked the parents to make all efforts to make the learners access these lessons.

Parents and families, should let their children attend to these programs that will run on the radios so that the children don’t loose out. Through this program continuity of learning during Covid-19 lock down the learners will gain something during the period when the institutions are closed.

The Minister Of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni during her address on 20th April 2020 also appealed to parents and families to help learning take place by involving the learners in their home activities to give them skills for life such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, looking after animals, business, Art, music, physical activity, play and sports and many others.

The Resident District Commissioner Arua Nahori Oya Awua who launched this program has warned that the presidential directives should not be defied in the implementation process.

We do not want to violate the presidential directive by trying to crowd children so that all neighbor’s children can come to a place where there is a radio. We would therefore like family members to confer their children in the family circle. 

The RDC also appealed to partners in the education sector to find a way to get affordable radios to be given to families that are less privileged so that their children can also benefit from the continuity of learning during COVID19 Lock-down.

According to the ministry of education, every radio station will have to allocate two hours daily Monday to Saturday during which three lessons of between 30-40 minutes will be taught for 24 days. End