By Denis Oringi

Nebbi district has failed to send their athletes for the national post primary athletics championship that is to kick off tomorrow Saturday 15th July 2017 in Lira.

The committee that over sees secondary schools games and sports activities in the district says they are disappointed because of the 11 schools that are in the newly created district of Pakwach that failed to  turn up  for the post-primary school athletics  championship that was for two days in Nebbi secondary school playground.

Mr. Cekecan Albert the chairperson secondary schools head teachers’ games and sports association Nebbi district in an interview said since the last day that the schools participated in the athletics, he did not rest making calls to the head teachers that never remitted their affiliation fees 100% to the coffer of the district to send their money so that they can take the athletes for the national competitions. For that reason Nebbi district is not going to participate in the national competition.

According to Mr. Okecha Sunday the head teacher Excel College says they never participated in the district athletics because the students were for mid-term examination and also the school is to pay the balance of affiliation fee.

Mr. Yo-acel joseph the vice chairperson Nebbi district head teacher association said the office of the district education officer should make  sure that they have a powerful delegation to meet the head teachers of the school  that never fulfilled their promise about the affiliation for games and sports.

Each student is said to be paying 5000 Uganda shillings to support games and sports in the district. End