The Morning Call

The Morning Call on Radio Pacis 94.5fm runs from 6.00am to 10.00am Monday through Friday, and it is presented by Omach Saviour (Chippo) and Onen Joan. The Program is known for its slot; The Community Bill Board where issues affecting people is discussed.

Mon—Fri: 6:00—10:00 am

Language: English with Alur and Ma’di

  • To provide information that encourages people to engage in meaningful and productive work;
  • To educate the community through the segment “The Community Billboard” by use of different topics (employment, governance, parenting, etc.)
  • To encourage and mobilize the local audience to invest more time in work than other nonproductive ventures;
  • To educate the community about technology through the segment “Science & Tech”.

Those who speak English or only Alur or Madi.


Religious and secular music. The tempo is moderate to high and then moderate.


Interaction with listeners through call-ins, SMS media, Facebook, pre-recorded interviews and vox-pop.

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