Maracha District Woman Member of Parliament, Rose Ayaka Atima on Tuesday handed over shillings 20 million given by parliament to the district Corona-virus task force.

The money was given by parliament for supervision and advocacy roles in the fight against COVID-19 after it allocated 10 billion shillings, with each MP receiving shillings 20 million for the activities.

The handover of this money came in response to President Yoweri Museveni’s call that all the Members of Parliament who received the money should return them.

While handing over the money, Ayaka urged task force members to ensure that it is put in right use at the district.

I have confidence in you people sitting here today to put this money to the best possible use to make sure that the ‘wanainchi’ who are also eyeing this money do not feel betrayed, so let us brainstorm on this and we do the best for our district.

The MP also revealed that, several people continued to call her inquiring if she would handover this money to the task force or be returned to parliament.

While receiving the shillings 20 million, Maracha Resident District Commissioner, Madam Esther Cherop Sowet who chairs the task force cautions district officials against misuse of the money.

we have security surveillance team who are monitoring what the district task force are doing- of which the RDC is not part, they’ll be also monitoring the RDC; how are they using the money for COVID-19? Will the accountabilities match?, if not please am urging those people who are responsible for finance, don’t do any mistake.

However the District Health Officer, Dr. Paul Onzubo requested that, the health department should quickly be supported as delays to release funds is affecting service delivery by this department.

According to the DHO, the funds requested for the department takes long to be released yet the department is running out of fuel supplied by partners.

Recently, 10 billion shillings was allocated to carryout supervision and advocacy roles by Members of Parliament, where each MP receives 20 million shillings but the President later order all the MPs to return the money to parliament or handover to district task forces after the allocation generated criticism from public. End