By Musa Sabir
Arua District Councilors are questioning operation of the District Covid-19 Task Force which they claim has done little in fight against Coronavirus and has poor accountability for donations.

The Councilors also want some elected leaders to be incorporated in the committee for transparency. Dadamu Sub County District Councilor, Mr. Moses Amati says, the task force requires competent members to run its activities.

The Task Force committee of Arua personally I’ll say it is dead, this is my second time to pronounce this simply because they don’t know what they are doing there. No accountability you are always there fidgeting with community, you don’t know what is happening, so let them go and resolve and come up with competent people who are to able to hold offices (positions).

The Councilors also expressed concerns on state of people under district quarantine centre, decrying poor living condition.

Our people in the centre are complaining, latrines are in terrible state yet we have the resources.

Arua Hill Division Councillor to the District, Night Asara says that the local person in the community is complaining of poor living conditions and wonders what all the funds collected are being used for.

When you calculate money given to the task force, you’ll not know where they are going.

The District Councilor for Odupi Sub County, Mr. Augustine Vuni reveals that, activities of the task force has not even reached to rural communities in the district.

He says people in the rural community have no information yet the task force planned to educate them on the deadly Coronavirus.

Mrs. Stella Aletiru, the Councilor representing Logiri and Vurra Sub Counties challenge members of the task force to be transparent to the community.

According to Stella, many people in the community have been asking them questions on the task force but have no answers.

However, Arua District Chairperson, Wadri Sam Nyakua, also a member of the task force directs office of the CAO to openly explain to the public the committee’s expenditures.

People imagine that the money is so huge, CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) get time with the DHO (District Health Officer) to read how you have used the money.

The District Task Force recently drew concerns from members of the public after it banned media from covering their weekly meetings which was resolved few days later. End