The 2017 MAYANK athletics championship hosted by Arua district successfully closed on Saturday 17th June 2017.

The events started in the morning with men’s 10,000meters race.

South Sudanese Abraham Majok won the race in 32:30.26 seconds; Majok competed in the names of Koboko district.

Though he easily won the race, but there was close competition from his team mate Bimaku Twalib who finished second in 32:33.06, and in the third place was Arua districts’ Alima Pontius who finished in 32:35.00.

Abraham represented South Sudan in the 2017 IAAF World cross country championships in Kampala in March.

In the women’s 5000metres Ayozu Grace of Koboko crossed the line in 18:17.71.

She was immediately followed by Eyotaru Keren of Maracha district in 18:27.00 in second positions, Angufiru Stella who was representing team Arua ended up in the third position in 18:49.07 her team mate Azimia Margret was the fourth in 20:16.85.

Swalidad Mohammed Ajiga who represented team Arua won the 400m race, the SC Villa footballer  ran a record 50:00:06 and in the second place was Dradriga Tom of team Kakira  with 51:00:31.

Women’s 400 metres was won by Munduru Pamela of Maracha in 01:01.47 and Adiru Monica of Arua was the second with 01:04.00.

The 1500 race for men was taken yet again by Abraham Majok in 4minutes 1.27seconds

He was challenged by Kakira’s Ogiti Francis in second with time of 4minutes 3.9seconds.

For women’s 1500metres, Ayakaka Sharon won in a time of 4minutes 47.4secons, in second was Aciro Knight of Arua with 4:51.9seconds.

There were several other field events with high contests that ended successfully.

Andiga Jebri who is the Chairman for Arua district sports council was impressed by the discipline of the individuals and the teams that participated in this competition.

MAYANK secretary general Charles Acamfua saluted the participants for a vivid level of competition shown in the event.

Arua district sports officer Mr Dramadri David thanked the administrators and the organisers of the annual event and suggested that there should be meetings done before the next events and he called for the public to protect and maintain the facilities in the region.

Uganda Athletics Federation was represented by Mr .Degama Francis and he was amazed by the talent that exists in the region.

The first three winners of each race and other field events were rewarded with cash prices.

Number ones were given 30,000, twos were rewarded 20,000 and threes walked away with 10,000shs.

The next year’s competition will be hosted by   Nebbi district. End