Rural Radio Debate 94.5

Radio Rural Debate.This program runs from 12.00pm to 1.00pm on radio pacis 94.5 and 101.4fm.It is in Alur and discusses issues affecting people in different places.The presenter is Aol Jacqueline and Bithum Betty is the substitute.

Sat: 12:00—1:00 pm (Alur); Mon: 8:00—9:00 pm (Ma’di)

Language: Alur and Ma’di

  • To involve the community in the rural areas to have their say about issues that affect them such as poor service delivery, education, roads, water and sanitation, alcoholism and teenage pregnancy;
  • To encourage the members of the community to dialogue with their leaders;
  • To encourage listeners identify the problems that affect them and identify practical solutions;
  • To eliminate the traditional belief that women are inferior in the society and have no say on issues affecting them;
  • To empower the rural communities to take up their responsibilities for the social, economic and political welfare of the society;
  • To provide information and education on variety of policies and activities undertaken to improve community welfare;
  • To mobilize the listeners to engage in developmental programs;
  • To help the rural communities participate in shaping their priorities and in demanding accountability from their leaders at different levels of governance;
  • To offer interactive discussions that focus on issues such as lack of citizen’s voices;
  • To create awareness and empower the citizens to participate more meaningfully in national and local leadership elections.

General appeal.


No music.


Pre-recorded radio talk and discussions with local community in their villages.

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